Our History

It is an old stone house completely renovated wooden located in the region Vaqueira and strategically between the sea and the mountains in the small town of Ayones, council of Valdés, province of Asturias 25 minutes from the city council, LUARCA, beautiful fishing village, declared the prettiest village in Spain in 2012 and 15 minutes from Tineo, bordering Ayones.

In a completely rural setting, where you can see the richness of our fauna: foxes, wild boars, deer, hares, jinetas, partridges, curuxas and our flora, scrub, usually heather and gorse, with native species such as chestnut, oak , birches and repopulated species such as pines and eucalyptus.


In its construction we have respected all the traditional aspects of the typical western Asturias, especially the stone oven

An adventure that began in late 2012 and starting from a stone house in a deteriorated condition and through careful restoration project, we decided to keep it, without losing the essence of this type typically rural houses in the West Asturian stone and native wood, a veritable fortress to isolate inside the wet and cool climate of the area.

We have taken great care in preserving a bread oven stove, an antique and priceless, has an oval ceiling is lined with refractory tiles, both on the walls and on the ground. The only note of modernity outside is a gallery to give more brightness, without losing the charm of the past.

We have built a rustic brown porch at the main entrance of the house, to enjoy the outdoors comfortably, especially for those hot summer days.
Modernity and functionality are combined inside with a rustic furniture and modern appliances to provide maximum comfort traveler.

As history of the house, it is important to say, that belonged to our ancestors since the estate was deeded in the name of our great-grandparents and was included in the same plot where is our home for private use. Which makes it even more interesting the effort to preserve and take care of every detail with the utmost respect.